Our reusable Cooler box - durable, sustainable, local!

Cooler Box

Unsere praktische und hochwertige Kühlbox überzeugt mit langanhaltender Kühlleistung, 100% recyclingfähigen Materialien und regionaler Produktion. Ob im Kofferraum für den Transport des frischen Einkaufs oder als mobiler Kühlschrank für den Grillausflug, dank der bewährten SUPASO Technologie bleibt der Inhalt kühl und frisch – und das ganz ohne Styropor.


Product Features:

  • Cardboard box with removable lid and integrated SUPASO insulation elements made from 100% recycled waste paper

  • Stable and suitable even for transportation of heavier loads

  • High-quality materials allow for long usability duration

  • Entire box, along with all components, fully recyclable in waste paper

  • Replaces unsustainable plastic insulation boxes

What makes our packaging unique

recycled paper, real


We have tested the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of our insulating elements through myclimate Österreich gGmbH and continuously work on further reducing our emissions. Since 2022, our products are certified carbon-neutral.

Sustainable materials and their


Our insulating elements deliver top-notch performance thanks to their structure and the unique properties of their materials. The patented design, from the protective cover to the finely tuned mix of recycled cellulose fibers and air, reliably keeps your goods cool while protecting our environment.



Our insulation elements are made from recycled waste paper and a specially developed outer cover based on Kraft paper. Tests by the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) certified excellent recyclability of the entire system in the waste paper cycle.


Inner dimensions (LxWxH, cm)


Outer dimensions (LxWxH, cm)


Total weight (g)


Capacity (l)


Any questions?

How can I recycle the Cooler box?

Our insulation elements are made up of over 97% paper and are certified as paper-recyclable. If you no longer want to reuse it, you can easily dispose of the Cooler box in one piece in the regular paper recycling stream. Please consider local recycling regulations when selecting the appropriate recycling bin.