The new generation of packaging for refrigerated goods

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We offer premium, innovative packaging solutions made from recycled waste paper, redefining the benchmark for sustainability and efficiency in shipping temperature-sensitive and fragile goods. Our products ensure top-notch performance and genuine sustainability.


certified climate-neutral: Made from recycled materials and entirely recyclable in paper waste.


offers significant cost advantages compared to other sustainable packaging solutions.


keeps your goods fresh or frozen for 48+ hours.


can be customized in size, design, and style to suit the needs of your supply chain.

Tailored for your industry

Our versatile packaging solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of various sectors. We're here to guide you in choosing the best-fit solution for your industry.


Use our packaging solutions to confidently and sustainably deliver fresh and frozen food directly to your customers.

Pet Food

Our packaging solutions ensure that sensitive pet food stays fresh throughout the entire shipping process.

Branche Pharma


Our shipping packaging for the pharmaceutical sector ensures compliance with GDP requirements in the cold chain.

Special Applications

Whether it's sensitive paints or machine parts, we provide the right solution for any temperature- and shock-sensitive goods.


We accompany you with our expertise, offering guidance in selecting the right packaging for your needs.

Individual Consultation

Let us know what you want to ship, and we'll discuss your requirements along with our detailed solution proposals – free of charge and with no obligation.

Perfect Customization

Nobody wants unnecessary packaging waste. Shipping packaging should adapt to your goods, not the other way around.

Individual Quotation

For a competitively priced solution, we consider your budget and requirements.

Finished Packaging

The end result is packaging that guarantees compliance with your high standards of quality, sustainability, and performance.

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About us


In a time where environmental awareness and sustainability rightfully drive consumer choices, we set out to revolutionize the shipping packaging market sustainably. Our vision is clear: we strive for a world free from unnecessary packaging waste. Through innovative solutions and relentless dedication, we create sustainable packaging alternatives that minimize environmental impact while meeting the highest standards of performance and efficiency.

What others say about us


From whole lambs to cuts - with SUPASO I have found a solution that enables me to ship our high-quality meat products in the best possible, fitted to my packaging needs.

Revo Foods

When it comes to sustainable packaging, SUPASO is the right choice. From the products themselves to the customer service, everything is just right: sustainable, affordable & bio-based.


Shipping tens of tons of frozen wild blueberries directly to our private customers every year is no easy task. With SUPASO, we can do this sustainably and worry-free.

Pets Bio World

I can recommend SUPASO to anyone who values high-quality goods with a professional, familiar service from an Austrian company where sustainability is a top priority.

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