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Born to save our environment,
built for highest performance.

Our most advanced thermo-insulated packaging. Try it now!

Check out our sustainable packaging for the shipping of cool or temperature-sensitive goods. Just order your free sample and see for yourself!

Easy and carefree shipping for your refrigerated goods

With uncompromising efficiency, our packaging keeps inside temperatures constant for 48 hours. SUPASO helps you protect your products and our environment, all while saving costs.

What can you ship with Supaso?

Temperature-sensitive foods

Whether fruit or vegetables, fish or meat, yoghurt or milk, SUPASO packagings are your mobile refrigerator en route to your customer. Let us help you keep your goods cool and fresh all the way to their destination.

Frozen products

Need to keep it even cooler? No problem, our high-performance materials ensure that your frozen products stay frozen.

... and much more

Sustainability doesn't need to come with lower performance or higher costs. It's not a compromise, but a win-win.- Fabian Gems, Co-Founder
Fabian Gems, Co-Founder
recycled waste paper in each SUPASO product
hours constant climate
tons of avoidable packaging waste in the EU

Four advantages of Supaso


made from recycled materials, it can be easily disposed in the paper bin and recycled again.


significant price savings as compared with other sustainable solutions currently on the market


keeps your goods frozen or fresh for more than 48 hours


can be adapted to your supply chain and to your size, design and style choices

The versatile allrounder

SUPASO ecoliner

Assembled and ready for delivery in seconds. Perfect to send temperature-sensitive products like fish, meat or dairy products. Our expertly fine-tuned materials and design allow you to keep your products cold for more than 48 hours. After your customer has taken the fresh and cool contents out of the box, the whole packaging goes straight into the paper bin. After all, it's >97%.

The agile minimalist


Don't need a whole box? Try our ecobag instead. Super-easy to integrate into your existing packaging systems to keep your products cold for more than 48 hours. Again, the whole bag is made from >97% recycled paper and can go straight back into the paper bin.

what makes SUPASO packaging so unique

Eco-materials and their


Our ecoliners and ecobags are true performers, thanks to the unique qualities and functionality of their materials. From protective skins to a patent-pending cellulose fibre insulation/air mix, they are designed and manufactured to keep both our environment and your products safe. Rest assured they are also produced CO2-neutrally.



Through hundreds and hundreds of test rounds, we managed to create a superior bio-based alternative to unsustainable products currently on the market. Our performance record speaks for itself, keeping your goods fresh as if hand-picked at your famer's market.

To your packaging needs


We understand that one-size-fits-all is not what you expect from your packaging materials. Our production line is designed to ensure perfect fits without the need to change your cardboard dimensions. Thanks to our specific design, you won‘t have to worry about corners, settled insulation material or thermal bridges either.

Climate Zones

Versatile, insertable

When sending multiple products requiring different cooling temperatures at once, our ecobags are here for you. But what if more items need to be cooled? For bigger jobs, we developed adaptable, insertable climate layers for our ecoliners that allow you to send larger amounts of temperature-sensitive products to your customers, without the need to split them up into different shipping boxes.

Interested? We're looking forward to hearing from you!